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Conference Alerts is one of the best portal to find all forthcoming national and international conferences, seminars, workshops, video conferences, webinar and live engineering conferences worldwide. The main aim of the Conference Alerts is the conferring of innovative multidisciplinary to focus on national and international serious issues. A large range of topics is presented while addressing the new opportunities for the policy interface promoting the discussion between the scientific and policy-making communities.

Conference Alerts is the most excellent platform to update and promotes conferences, workshops, seminars, symposiums and various events. It is an India based organization but its international team is distributed in different countries of the whole World. Conference Alerts organized conferences on a different subject or to bring together people who have a common interest. We are always trying to be the best universal platforms for scientists, researchers, professors, engineers, students, managers and other professionals to discuss their innovative ideas and novel research.

Conference Alerts is to provide the latest advancement of knowledge in theory and practice in all areas of research among scholars, researchers, academicians, Professors and scientists from all around the world those are interested in recent issues in collaboration with international and national research communities. Our team is expertise in promotion of conferences and have good knowledge about the subjects because all are managers, scientists, researchers and academicians. We are specialized in all types of Research Conferences in the field of higher education. We will Co-organize important conferences according to required topics with other universities and organizations all over the world.

Last but not the least Conference Alerts is one among the leading organizations of the world to inculcate technical revolution among scholars, brilliants, geniuses and wizards of the world.

9th UCG edition on Nursing and Patient Safety Conference

On behalf of the 9th UCG edition on Nursing & Patient Safety Conference April 06-08, 2021|Amman, Jordan Committee, it gives us a great pleasure to announce NPSUCG2021 scheduled on April 6-8, 2021 in Amman, Jordan. Our Gathering aims to bring all the Directors, Specialists, Professors, Doctors, Scientists, Academicians, Nurses, Students, Researchers, Business Delegates, Industrialists to share the knowledge, experience, challenges, innovations and trends encountered in the field of Nursing and Patient Safety.

Our best regards,

Call for Paper:

Call for Abstracts is now open for the 9th UCG edition on Nursing & Patient Safety at Amman, Jordan during April 06-08, 2021 with the motto “Nursing and Patient Safety: Join hands for Patient Safety in Covid19 Pandemic”.

The presenting speaker/author must register and pay the registration fee (please note that registration is required in order to be included in the final program, to have the abstract published in the online “Book/proceedings” of Nursing and Patient Safety 2021, and to be invited to submit an abstract for publication in the official Proceedings.

Conference Key Sessions:

Nursing | Patient Safety | Midwifery And Women Health Nursing | Nursing Practice And Research | Nursing Informatics | Pediatric Nursing | Public Health | Health Promotion | Clinical Nursing | Genetic Nursing | Diabetes Nursing | Gastroenterology Nursing | Patient Safety in Pharmacy | Home Care Safety | Mental Health Nursing | Technology and Nursing Science | Quality improvement | Telenursing | Nursing Education and Research | Preventive Medicine | Globalization and Health | Patient Education | Coronavirus Deadly Impact on Humans

Conference Benefits:

Get continuing medical education (CME) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Participate in professional networking
Collect material for personal knowledge
Meet with specific company representatives
Enjoy sessions & entertainment
Participation Certificate
Present your ideas and work to others
Opportunity to hear from and interact with leaders in your field
Adds Value to your CV
Conferences engage thousands of keynote speakers, speakers, delegates, practitioners, and students.

Important Information:
Conference Name: 9th UCG edition on Nursing and Patient Safety
Short Name: NPSUCG2021
Dates: April 6-8, 2021
Venue: Amman, Jordan
Email: [email protected]
Call for Papers:
Register here:
Call Us/WhatsApp Us: +12076890407/+442033222718

Target Audience: Target Audience: Nurses, Doctors, Professors, Registered Nurse, Practitioner Nurse, CTOs, VPs, Directors, Senior Managers, Scientists, Doctors, Chief officers, Professors, Student Nurse

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E: [email protected]
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International Conference on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Magnus Group overwhelmed to invite you at International conference on Tissue Engineering and regenerative medicine TERMC 2021 invites all participants, students  from across the world to meet its global experts. The honored conference is scheduled during on September 20-21, 2021 in Paris, France. Followed with theme “Spotlight on Advancements in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine”

TERMC 2021 includes symposia and workshops  poster and oral sessions in all major fields of science, technology and medicine. The main focus of the event is to create a worldwide publicity of ideas in the medical research between industry, academia, and. TERMC 2021 motivates on partnerships with our speakers, delegates and sponsors thus ensuring that our programs are not only relevant but are also connected to the real challenges and opportunities which faced in our daily medical life. The goal of the meeting is to provide a platform to academicians, researchers, industrial expertise and practitioners from multiple disciplines to discuss the  social changes which are covered by innovation and technology. This conference understanding the ability to generate living tissue ex (vivo/in-vivo) for various therapeutic applications like 3D Bio printing, Nanotechnology in Tissue Regeneration Biobanking Bioprinting replacement if organs and tissues , through materials development, graft rejections, cell culture and Nano technology in tissue engineering.

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2nd Edition of Global Conference on Addiction Medicine, Behavioral health and Psychiatry

We are excited to announce about our “2nd Edition of Global Conference on Addiction Medicine, Behavioral health and Psychiatry” during October 21-23, 2021.

Magnus Group has been scheduled and executed to share the researchers’ views through the Conference. Join us and make your inventive ideas to come into an opportunity.

GAB 2021 aims to bring together leading research results about all ailments of Addiction Therapy. It also provides the primary forum for academics, intellectuals, professors, learners and practitioners to present and discuss the most recent and upcoming innovations, trends, concerns, practical challenges and the solutions grasped in the stream of Addiction Medicine, Behavioral Therapy.

For details, visit:

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World Obesity and Weight Management Congress – WOC 2021

Magnus Group takes astonishing pleasure to invite you to join us at World Obesity and Weight Management Congress scheduled on October 25-27, 2021 in Orlando, USA.

WOC 2021 aims to vanish the breach of communication that deed as a chunk in era of spreading the research and knowledge and also emboldens the scientists, researchers and students to bring, speak and globalize their research leading to the new pathways to get betrothed with the innovative concepts in obesity research.

Conference Dates: October 25-27, 2021

Conference Venue: Orlando, USA

For More details visit:

Contact Email: [email protected]

Contact Phone: 1 (702) 988 2320

WhatsApp: +1 (540) 709 1879

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