You to Take Your Event Point to New Heights

Are you wondering whether blogging is still applicable? The short answer is yes. In 2021, blogging is still a largely effective marketing tool, especially on a live events website. In fact, a recent study by Data Box showed that 68 of marketers find blogging further effective than they did two times agone. After all, it’s principally a form of free advertising that comes with multitudinous benefits. A regularly streamlined blog can keep an event website fresh, as well as encouraging further business, perfecting SEO, and helping you to make a large and pious event following.

Still, casting compelling content for your blog and event website can be a challenge. So, to help get you started, we ’ve collected a list of some of our favourite event blogs. From periodic music carnivals to food and drink exemplifications, use them as alleviation for your own engaging blog.
1. Periodic music events
Dealing out time after time, the iconic Glastonbury music jubilee is a success story. This is one event that really does n’t have to worry too important about tone- creation. But that does n’t stop the generators from regularly streamlining the point. The Glastonbury blog is a great illustration of an event blog that keeps up the instigation all time round, and does an especially good job ofpost-event content. Although the jubilee has n’t been suitable to take place for some time, the platoon have posted music playlists, a virtual 2020 line-up, and details of their veritably own arising gift competition.

2. Consumer and trade shows
When you ’re working in an assiduity as instigative as marriages, it’s easy to produce an engaging blog. Still, The National Wedding Show ‘s blog is one of the stylish. It grabs your attention from the off, with a prominent slider featuring the top stories. There’s a “ trending” sidebar, an eye- catching order selection, and post trials boasting great imagery and bold social share buttons. This fresh design makes it more likely that compendiums will keep coming back for further. And before you can indeed dive into the blog, you ’re served with a pop-up encouraging you to register for the event’s mailing list. By offering callers the chance to win£, the pop-up encourages compendiums to subscribe up with their dispatch addresses. Offers like this are a great way to make your mailing list and reach further implicit attendees for unborn events.

3. Charitable fundraisers
An engaging blog about an event can be a fantastic tool to keep the instigation of a fundraiser going. It can also help to attract benefactors in the run up to and after the event. Bone cancer mindfulness charity, Walk the Walk, is a fantastic illustration of this. This cheerful blog allows compendiums and levies to keep up with vital news from the sector, see where their donations are going, and get tips and ideas for fundraising. The blog also helps to produce a sense of community by furnishing seasonal updates about the organisation and its events. Take alleviation from the prominent social media share buttons at the top of the runner, which can help to get the word out about your cause.

4. Artistic events
The event website of the world-notorious Hay Festival is a great illustration of how generators can keep the buzz going all time for an periodic event. This blog incorporates features like Book of the Month, prizes and competitions, and interviews with literati and other notable numbers to help drive business. The result is a treasure trove of Google-friendly content that draws the anthology in, gets them interested in the subject matter, and also hits them with a call-to- action. Each call-to- action brings the caller to a deals or enrollment runner, which eventually drives profit for the jubilee. When creating your blog, include applicable links on every runner, and direct callers to where you want them to go.
5. Food and drink
The Foodies Festival event website and blog is organised like a well- grazed closet easy to pierce and brimming with goods. The UK’s largest festivity of food and drink hosts several different events a time and its blog contains the rearmost event news, health and good ideas, interviews with small business possessors and cookers, and a great selection of fashions and cooking tips. With an easy-to- navigate side menu with posts organised into orders, compendiums can find exactly what they ’re looking for. Crucially, each post ends with a banner flashing the coming event on the Savorers’ timetable with a link to buy tickets. When callers feel that they ’ve entered free, precious content, they ’ll be more likely to convert to paying attendees.

Bring your event blog to life
Great content comes in numerous shapes and sizes. So when writing papers about an event, try linking them to other forms of content marketing, similar as social media posts and vids. This will help bring life and sprightliness to your blog, and is all part of creating the ultimate marketing strategy. For further alleviation, take a look at these beautiful