Monday, March 23, 2020

What is EVENT & how to plan it

Event is a planned public or social occasion. A particular content which is part of a programme of contest is called event. It can be independent, dependent and mutually exclusive. Independent event is not affected by other events which as dependent event are affected by other events. So that dependent event is otherwise known as conditional event. Mutually exclusive events can’t happen at the same time. Events can be classified on the basis of their size, type and context. Event is a traditional form of advertising .It allows for a more intimate and engaging experience with its audience which ultimately leave a lasting impression. So that events are important.
Steps to plan an Event
  1. Plan to organize an event.

  2. Develop your event goal and objectives.

  3. Budget plan.

  4. Create an event master plan.

  5. Set date & time.

  6. Book your venue.

  7. Establish partnership & sponsors.

  8. Spread networking to advertise your event.

  9. Plan & execute the 3 stages of an event/program, such as- pre production, production & Post production.

  10. Craft the project plan.

  11. Action & get marketing.

  12. Evaluation & follow up.

  13. Know your audience. 

Networking is often the biggest draw of an event. It is critical to overall event management and success. As a event planner, we have to maximize the attendees, vendors, exhibitors and event planners and all of these connections. The process of planning an event from start to end may be depends upon 5cs, such as- concept, coordination, control, culmination and closeout. You can submit your event here at eventnow
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