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Institute of Mathematics and Management Conference on Education & Social Sciences 2020

Inn Grand Pacific, Singapore 
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The significance of information creation and sharing are surely known in the information society. Academicians and scientists over the world perspiration for improving a world; lead look into, endeavor for quality distributions, meet different researchers at explore gatherings to share information, and so on. However factors are impeding the objective. Throughout the decades, it had been seen that countless distributed research articles are incorrect because of an absence of information in quantitative research. Organization of Mathematics and Management (IMM) resolved to fill the information hole; step up to the plate and direct the meeting alongside the "Workshop in Data Analytics". 

Dr.(Mrs).W.G.Samanthi Konarasinghe, an honor winning Scientist, Statistical Consultant, and a Lecturer has begun her profession as a teacher and still invest some energy showing minimal ones. Instructing is her obsession. She never has confidence in simple addressing. For her, both Primary school understudy and Doctoral competitors are "Children". She has a one of a kind aptitude for bringing frail understudies up. Subsequently, she was appraised as "Magnificent Teacher/Lecturer" for over two decades. As a Mathematician/Statistician, she has created different Mathematical and Statistical strategies to the world. They are Circular Model; Circular marker; Coefficient of Stability; Sama Circular Model; Sama Circular Indicator. Among them, the "Sama Circular Model" is profoundly esteemed and applied in different fields. She was granted the esteemed "IMRF Best Scientist Award" from India for esteeming her commitment to the field of Statistics. Dr.Samanthi is in steady interest for International Research Conferences. She has been a; keynote speaker, welcomed speaker, visitor instructor, visitor of respect, and boss visitor in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Australia, and Germany. Her instructive foundation is; Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. in Statistics), Master of Science (MSc in Applied Statistics), Master of Business Administration (MBA), PG Diploma (Industrial Mathematics), Bachelor of Science (BSc-Mathematics), Diploma in Classical Music. This uncommon blend of instructive capabilities made her a multi-taskmaster. It cleared the way for her to turn into a scientist and an examination expert in different fields; Financial Markets, Medicine and Health Care, Education, Business, and then some. She likewise examines on "Indigenous Knowledge of Sri Lanka and different nations". Dr. Samanthi is an individual from; American Statistical Association (ASA), Institute of Applied Statistics, Sri Lanka (IASSL), and National Science Foundation (NSF), Sri Lanka. Likewise an Editorial board individual from the American Journal of Theoretical And Applied Statistics (AJTAS), an Advisory part and Technical/Scientific Conference Committee individual from the Scientific and Technical Research Association(STRA)of the Eurasia Research. Most strikingly, she isn't just a Scientist yet additionally an Artist; a Violinist, Painter, Writer, Drama maker, and Actress. The participation magazine of the American Statistical Association, "AMSTATNEWS" likewise recognized her uniqueness, expounded on her under the title, "What Does Samanthi Konarasinghe Like to Do When She isn't being a Statistician". 

Topics and Sub Themes of IMMCESS 2020 Singapore 


Grown-up Education, Art Education, Business Education, Classical Education, Contemplative Education, Curriculum Theory, Democratic Education, Early Childhood Education, Educational Administration, Educational Anthropology, Educational Insights, Educational Psychology, Educational Technology, Educational Theory, E-Learning, English as a Second Language, Higher Education Policy, Industrial Teacher Education, Informal Learning, Initial Teacher Education, Instructional Theory, Interactive Media In Education, Internationalization, Issues In Education, Inclusive Learning and Special Education, Indigenous Education, Innovative Teaching Models, Knowledge Evaluation, Leadership in Learning, Learning Modalities, Mathematics Education, Music Education, Normative Curriculum Theory, Normative Philosophies, Normative Theories of Education, Open Education, Philosophy of Education, Primary and Secondary Education, Science Education, Self-Directed Learning, Sociology of Education, Teacher Education, Teaching Sociology, Technical Education, Technology Education, Theories of Education, Vocational Education, and Allied Subjects. 

 Events in Singapore


Human studies, Area examines, Business Studies, Civics, Communication considers, Criminology, Demography, Ecology, Economics, Environmental Studies, Gender contemplates, Geography, History, Indigenous Studies, Law, Library science, Linguistics, Media considers, Mathematics for Social Sciences, Oceanography, Paleontology, Political science, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, Social work, Sustainable turn of events, and partnered subjects. 

Call for Papers 

Unique research papers and survey papers in Education, Social Sciences, and related orders from Undergraduate and Post Graduate Students, Research Scholars, Faculty, Scientists, and so on., are welcomed for introduction and distribution. 

Survey Process 

The survey procedure comprises, Desk screening and Peer Review as follows; 

Work area screening 

Every composition submitted to the gathering will be first assessed by the Editor/Editorial Board. The Editor/Editorial Board has the option to work area audit and "work area dismiss" the composition without sending it out for peer survey 

Companion audit 

After an underlying assessment by the Editor/Editorial Board, the composition will be sent to two analysts designated by the Editor/Editorial Board. The quantity of analysts can be expanded if vital. IMM utilizes twofold visually impaired looking into – both the reviewer(s) and the author(s) stay unknown all through the procedure. The reviewer(s) will assess the composition's creativity, hugeness, investigate structure, system, introduction of results, and suitable referencing of applicable past examinations. On the off chance that the reviewer(s) suggest correction, the Editor/Editorial Board may welcome the author(s) to reexamine and resubmit the composition dependent on the remarks and proposals from the reviewer(s). The author(s) need to re-present the overhauled original copy at the latest the date declared by the Editor/Editorial Board. The Editor/Editorial Board will settle on an official conclusion on acknowledgment/dismissal dependent on the last analyst (s). 

Distribution Opportunities 

Modified works of the papers will be distributed in Conference Proceedings; Hard duplicate and E-duplicate, with ISSN number. Chosen full papers will be distributed in the Journal of New Frontiers in Education and Social Sciences (JNFESS) with ISBN, inside one month from the date of the meeting. 

Cutoff time for Paper Submission: first October 2020 

Accommodation of Papers 

Members meaning to introduce papers in meetings are mentioned to present a delicate duplicate of the theoretical alongside the full paper. Allude to the Abstract Template and Full Paper Template for direction. 

Downloads: Abstract Template, Full Paper Template, APA Referencing 

Present your paper to both messages: submit@imathm.edu.lk and udayakonarasinghe@gmail.com 

Workshop on Data Analytics (WDA) 

Teachers: Dr (Mrs.) W. G. Samanthi Konarasinghe and Major K. M. Udaya Banda Konarasinghe (Retired) 

This workshop will be hands-on and driven by models, utilizing genuine informational collections from the fields of; Life Sciences and Health Care, Business and Economics, Finance, Tourism Management, Meteorology, and some more. The expected members for the course are understudies and specialists of an information driven condition. 

Framework and Objectives 

The measurable programming; MINITAB, MATLAB/R, SPSS, and Excel will be the fundamental devices used in the workshop, yet the past information in taking care of the above programming is anything but an absolute necessity. The whole workshop will be model driven; in this manner members are urged to bring a PC for ideal advantage. Guidelines for introducing the fundamental programming can be sent to the members before the workshop or preliminary variants of programming can be given at the workshop. Before the day's over, members will have learned; Mathematical/Statistical Modeling; Introduction to Big Data taking care of and Programming; Parametric VS Non-parametric Statistics; Descriptive Statistics; Inferential Statistics; Univariate and Multivariate Forecasting. Members can have direct correspondence with the educators (through email or Skype); to get direction for their future work. 

About the Instructors 

Dr. Samanthi Konarasinghe has acquired; Ph.D.in Statistics, M.Sc.in Applied Statistics, MBA, Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Mathematics, and B.Sc.in Mathematics. She has been in the field of educating for over two decades; showing understudies, students, and postgraduates. She has her own style of educating, which makes the exercise an intriguing encounter for her understudies. Particularly she is incredible at taking care of more fragile students.Dr.Samanthi has a demonstrated reputation in making amazing outcomes in the subjects, Mathematical Methods for; Computing, Engineering, Finance, Business, Economics, Calculus, Discrete Mathematics, Vector Analysis, Linear Algebra, Statistical Theory, Research Methodology, Operations Research, Quantitative Methods, and Management Science. She is an enlisted Statistical Consultant of the American Statistical Association, USA, and Institute of Applied Statistics Sri Lanka. Her ability in Applied Mathematics, Applied Statistics, and Data Analytics would be a clear favorable position to the member of the workshop.

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